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  1. Manthar

    Manthar DWM MEMBER Member

  2. andrei523030

    andrei523030 DWM MEMBER Member

    Hello are u still doing bank transfer I’m interested
  3. Spark

    Spark DWM MEMBER Member

    He is the best seller here,I did business with him and I can confirm he is legit
  4. andrei523030

    andrei523030 DWM MEMBER Member

    Omg look at my account!!!
    U did man!!thank you so much u have made my Christmas
  5. shotym

    shotym DWM MEMBER Member

    I would like to purchase a bank login info or transfer if not then, Western Union or PayPal transfer
  6. brain

    brain DWM MEMBER Member

    I need a bank transfer to canada or western union if you can't bank transfer.
  7. Sage01

    Sage01 DWM MEMBER Member

    Are u still in business
  8. GUnit1235

    GUnit1235 DWM MEMBER Member

    Any word?

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