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  1. BeastMode2020

    BeastMode2020 DWM MEMBER Member

    I’m about to make a large order with I will post a feedback later
  2. shadow

    shadow DWM MEMBER Member

    i just ordered a western union and he came through for me
    I’m happy I found this forum.
  3. DamianBon

    DamianBon DWM MEMBER Member

    Everyone seems to be talking about you I’m ready to make order please
  4. danny345

    danny345 DWM MEMBER Member

    did it work
  5. chencho

    chencho DWM MEMBER Member

    im interested and ready for escrow wu transfer
  6. The Hawk

    The Hawk TRUSTED SELLER Verified Seller

    Hey..post on escrow section,escrow will give you directions

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