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    Hi guys! My name is Jane. This is my first time in the dark side, difficulties in life have become the reason that I am here. I am studying in China, it so happened that I had financial problems and came here relying on your help. Due to the fact that I have a student visa, I can't get to work, if they catch the police, they deport me, but I don't want prostitution, I don't want to ruin my health. My parents have a financial problem to provide for me. I can't take it from my friends, I took it a couple of times, and every day they reminded me of this. Please help the guys than you can. I need a total $5,000 to leave the university, rent an apartment and look for work so I can then apply for a work visa. I know many of you here are a millionaire and this is a trifle for you, but for me it is a lot of money.. And I'm sure many fell into such a net and you will understand me. Good always comes back.
    I hope for your help.
    Here is my BTC wallet - 1F3C4pjWMLDNv1pTJViFpDTXfhNgcSJnFp
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